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Minecrafthelp and info

  • What is Minecraft?

    Minecraft is a free-roaming exploration game originally developed by a small team called Mojang and later published by Microsoft. It allows the player to explore and change a world made entirely up of cube-shaped blocks. Common activities include building houses, mining, foresting, and fighting monsters.

  • How do I change my username?

    To change your username, you must log in to the Mojang website with your account. While viewing your profile, click the link next to your name reading "Change" and change your name from that page.

  • How do I make Minecraft run faster?

    On Java (typically Desktop) versions of Minecraft, there is an option to allocate more memory to Minecraft, which may be useful. Almost all versions of Minecraft will allow you to adjust the video settings from the main menu, which can improve speed as well.

  • What is Adventure Mode?

    Adventure Mode is an option for Minecraft, usually run on others' servers, that modifies gameplay. It primarily prevents players from destroying or placing blocks, meaning that the map does not change and can be designed for exploration.

  • What changes at night?

    At night time, monsters appear in the world. Monsters can appear anywhere that is dark, and at night, the surface world is dark as well. Lit areas such as a player's home will be safe, as long as there is enough light to prevent monster spawning. Night time has other, smaller effects.

  • How do I survive at night?

    Generally, a house, with a door and a light source, is best. You can also protect yourself by surrounding yourself with blocks and placing down a single torch to light the area you are hiding in. Finally, you may also craft a bed and use to sleep until daytime, if the bed is in a safe area.

  • How do I enter or exit a boat?

    The controls needed to enter or exit a boat vary depending on platform. On mouse-driven devices such as a Windows or Mac computer, you right-click the boat to enter, and and you press the Left Shift key to exit. On tap-based (tablet) platforms, you tap the boat and select Board to enter, while you tap Leave Boat to exit. Other platforms, such as consoles, use different buttons to enter and exit.

  • What is enchanting?

    Enchanting is a feature added in later versions of Minecraft that allows you to add magic to weapons, armour and other items. Most enchantments require the player to use an Enchanting Table, which can be mined from underground areas or created with a Book, Diamonds and Obsidian. The player must then spend Experience Levels and Lapis Lazuli to apply their chosen enchantment.

  • How do I gain Experience Levels?

    Experience is gained through virtually every activity in Minecraft, but the mots obvious is defeating monsters.

  • What is Mending?

    Mending is an enchantment that cannot be crafted and must be bought or obtained (usually from treasure chests). When you gain experience, it will repair items enchanted with Mending as well.